Remote Desktop connection in Linux

We know that in corporate network there are both Linux and proprietary software desktops. In such environment if you want to access your proprietary software machine from your Linux desktop, at that time you can use “Rdesktop” tool. With this utility you can easily access your remote machine.

First check that whether the rdesktop utility is installed on your linux machine or not ?

We can easily get this utility from internet.

After its installation you can now execute the command rdesktop.

We have to replace the IP address with your remote machine’s IP address. We can also specify the screen size of the remote desktop.

Below is an example where it will be 75 percent of the original size.

#rdesktop –g 75%

This is the easiest method for accessing remote desktop from our Linux desktop.

Enjoy RDC on Linux. There are many other RDC [Remote Desktop Clients] in market, but on Linux Desktop platform this is very good and cool one. Hope you like it.

If you are using Ubuntu Linux as your desktop, then most probably you will get rdesktop installed. Just check in Application–>Internet–>Remote Desktop Viewer

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