Read Only filesystem to read write.

Hi all, Many time we came across systems where root (/) filesystem is mounted read only (ro) and we need to edit some configuration files but we can not until we remount it with read write (rw) priveleges.

Say for example you changed some configuration in /etc/fstab file and next time when you reboot system, it is not able to find /boot or / partitions references listed in fstab file. You are confident and knowing that your data is there on disk but system is not able to mount it correctly and refusing to boot.

In such situation you will be prompted to enter root password to gain access to system or it will ask you to run e2fsck.
In this situation

  • you will also not get any success while running e2fsck as the system is not able to see that partition.
  • When you enter root password, you will get root prompt with full access but that will be readonly (ro)

In this situation you will need to mount filesystem with read write (readwrite ) (rw) permissions to modify configuration or to write anything. Use following command to do so.

mount -o remount,rw /

This will give you full read write permissions on system and you will able to fix it.

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